Are you an attorney or a paralegal?


Advice for Attorneys

So, you’re an attorney and might want to become a partner one day? Success is pretty clear cut and obvious in law school, but the real world is a bit of a different story. Although some organizations and law firms may train and prepare you for success, your professional development is really on you. You will gain some understanding for the skills and expertise needed to move your career forward over time. Unfortunately, is really up to you to learn these skills and what is needed to move forward.
Here at Prime Legal, our team comes out of the legal industry. And we understand what it takes to succeed as an attorney and get ahead in your career. While each person is different, we have taken the time to provide some pointers that will help you build a successful career as an attorney.
Invest time creating your short-term and long-term goals. Most importantly write your goals down. Create dates, targets, action items and other additional information that could help you achieve these goals and successfully progress in your career plan.
Reflect on your values, your personality and make sure your goals align with who you are. Examine yourself critically and identify shortcomings or areas to work on and improve.
As you continue to grow in your career, return and review your plan, revising where necessary and ensuring you stay on top of yourself in order to meet the goals you laid out. As you gain experience in the legal field and in life, your goals will change. Don’t worry about that. Use your experiences to adjust your goals to what’s best for you and your family.
In a word, “everything.” Mentors help you weather the storm and better understand the nuances of the industry and best approaches to overcome the obstacles you will face.
Additionally, mentors can help you develop new ideas about your employment future and help your identify your brand within the legal community.
At times mentors can offer you the most important resource you and your career may need, an open ear. Speaking out loud to someone who wants you to succeed will help you understand what is in your best interest and your future courses of action.
Good things come to those who work hard, are patient and able to recognize a great opportunity when it presents itself. Even if something comes up that is off your career plan, that’s okay. Consider it carefully, it may be the best decision of your life.
Find the good in any situation, project or case. Even if it isn’t as exciting as you would prefer it to be, find ways to improve the experience and gain something valuable out of it as a result. This will enable you to continue to grow and develop skills you may need for the next big move.
Keep your eyes and ears open, at all times. Not doing so may cause you to miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime. Be ready, be open and consider everything.
Most of the best opportunities in life come from your network. For years, we have heard and used the saying, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” So, get out there, meet people and develop meaningful relationships, making some new friends along the way.
This is just as important in your own office settings as well. Get to know the ins and the outs of the office, who the key players are and what the office dynamic is like. You’ll be working together, so find the things you have in common and build relationships. It is always easier to lean on someone you know and work well with for a favor than a stranger.
Whether it’s within the activities and efforts of the organization or law firm, or in the community volunteering, get involved and begin building your brand. Join committees and boards, meet new people and develop relationships at all levels.
Balancing what to do and what to respectively pass on takes grace and skill. However, being involved can do wonders for the advancement of your career and should be a consideration at every step along the way.
This one certainly seems to be the most obvious one to us! We know legal and we only do legal. Our team has a background in the legal industry and we can work with you throughout your entire career to ensure that your next career move is the right one.
We have a network of employers that we have built over the last five decades and we are always meeting and engaging with new organizations daily. We can prepare you for interviews and the selection process. We can help you make your resume stand out among the crowd.
We work with you every step of the way. You will never be left in the dark. Our goal is your satisfaction with your work and your career advancement. We take the time to understand you and learn your career goals.

Advice for Paralegals

There are many ways to successfully get from point A to point B. Advancing your paralegal career is no different.
According to the Bureau of Labor Standards, earning an associate degree as a paralegal is the most common way to get your career started. Having a bachelors or associate degree in a different field will save you some time and energy as you will only need to complete a paralegal certification course to provide you with the specific schooling and knowledge you’ll need.
With your paralegal certificate in hand you are ready to join the field and gain valuable on the job experience.
Once you begin in the profession, expect long hours. Just like the attorneys you support you will invest hours on the details of the documents and legal information. Errors in the legal field can be detrimental to attorneys and clients.
Also expect a diverse range of responsibilities.  Some of these responsibilities may be repetitive while others will challenge you in new ways.  As you become proficient and an expert in certain area you will be looked to assume these same responsibilities over and over again.
Some attorneys you will do work for will be demanding.  The very nature of the service they provide and the time sensitivities of the work being done demand this.  Attorneys, for the most part are highly educated, bright and well compensated for their work.  Some will be more demanding than others and some will be easier to work with than others.  In order to succeed you must be able to adapt to the various attorney you work for.
How do you advance your career?
Obviously, detailed-oriented professionals with strong writing and computer skills have are more sought after and will have more opportunities to grow in the profession.   Developing your communication skills will also help you get ahead.  Becoming a person that can be counted upon every time to get assigned work completed accurately and on time will cause you to become noticed for good reasons.
Developing your online researching skills will also prove beneficial in your paralegal career. Uncovering news articles and case related materials that could benefit your case will get you recognized.
Finally, be assertive. Always ask questions. Being passive in this profession leads to mistakes and mistakes lead to consequences.